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Test Científico Aquanergy

A continuación presentamos los resultados obtenidos en laboratorio que nos permiten certificar nuestras bebidas como de bajo índice glúcemico.

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Determinación del IG

Glicemix Index Laboratories (USA)

GI Determination

GI Determination Standard protocol requires that ten normal subjects are studied on multiple occasions (maximum 3 per week) in the morning after an overnight fast.

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Gi Testing and Calculation


GI testing

The GI Research Service at Oxford Brookes University was established in 2001 to provide a reliable commercial GI testing laboratory for the local and international food industry. Foods are tested in healthy volunteers according to standardized scientific methodology providing our clients the highest levels of quality control from one of the leading research groups in Europe. Insulin, satiety, hunger and other parameters can be assessed simultaneously.

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Research University Of Sidney

UNIVERSITY of SIDNEY´s Glycemic Research Service

How scientists measure the GI

A food's GI value must be measured in human subjects (we call this in vivo testing) according to an internationally standardised method.

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Low-glycaemic study


C. J. K. Henry, K. J. Newens & H. J. Lightowler

Nutrition and Food Research Group, School of Life Sciences, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK

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